Do You Think September Is The Right Time To Send Children Back To School ?

Author: Bermuda Parents Speak

“At this moment I am for children going back to school in September. If the Government and the Minister of Education says certain things will be put in place, that puts me at ease a bit. But they have to make sure everyone adheres to the new rules that will be set. Everyone must be consistent and if they are not that’s when parents would start to question and worry. It will be without a doubt more difficult dealing with the larger schools. If they work off of the summer day camp guidelines which seems to be working things might be a bit smoother. This all can change depending on our situation with the ongoing international flights and the potential positive cases coming from them.”

— Robert Bean

“I believe that regardless of when Government decides to reopen public schools on a permanent basis, parents will use their discretion. I personally made the decision in April/May that my child would be remaining at home for the duration of the school term. I was not comfortable with the state of the island as it pertained to Covid-19. Since which, the island has demonstrated a consistent reduction in cases throughout the phases. However, once the airport takes full flight, there’s no telling what can transpire. Government will continue to do as they see fit for the duration of 2020 and they’ve did an amazing job to date. I decided to send my daughter to a Government summer day camp, and I feel very comfortable. They have been consistent in their efforts to minimize the spread. When September comes, depending on my level of comfort, I will determine what I deem best for my daughter. I would prefer to home school her indefinitely than to risk unnecessary exposure.”

— Ambika Scott

“With COVID changing the way we live our lives; it is expected to be a little anxious about send-ng our children back to school in September. With so much of the 2019/2020 school year being done remotely, I feel like getting back to our “new normal” as quickly as possible is important for the development of our children. My daughter is starting P1 in September and I do believe that schools should open as scheduled on Sep 9th. Zarina coped well with remote learning and we made homeschooling work with the help of her awesome teachers at Lyceum Preschool! But as she enters a new chapter, I believe that in-school learning is vital especially at the P1 level. As a country, I think we have done well to control the spread of COVID and believe that with proper precautions and remote availability for students/teachers with underlying health conditions, we can have an almost normal school year that gives our children the best hand on experience possible!”

— Elizabeth Varao