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Protecting Children Online

Author: Scars Bermuda 

As parents and stewards of children, we have a responsibility to safeguard our children from sexual predators. Prevention should include monitoring a child’s online activity. Monitoring is not the same as prying!  

Children should not be expected to recognize grooming behavior and thus, we have a responsibility to educate and protect children from on online threats. There are more than 500,000 predators online every day and studies through The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force show that 1 in 5 children have been solicited online. 

We strongly encourage you to download an app that will help protect your child online.  

Some suggestions are Bark, Kidslox and Webwatcher. 

Please consider the following questions, taken from The National Criminal Justice Training Center, as warning signs: 

• Is your child acting isolated and withdrawn? 

• Is their phone out of view (like under the table or out of view) when they get a text or notification? 

• Do they run to the bathroom or their room more often? 

• Does your child stress once they receive a notification? 

• Do you here names or voices that are unfamiliar? 

• Are they spending more time behind closed doors? 

As a parent, be aware, be present and be observant to the activities and behaviors of children!  

Visit us at https://www.scarsbermuda.com/ and learn more! BPM 


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